Every artist is in search of a voice and Andrew Hammond has found a vast array. A dynamic storyteller and vocal powerhouse, Hammond is a Soul singer grounded in Folk roots. Years of vocal experimentation as a voice artist and poet, have bred a unique delivery, a massive range and an immersive live performance.

 Hammond swings seamlessly from the the emotive ringing melodies of Roy Orbison to the dark rusty baritone of Johnny Cash. With a Dylan-like wit, lines of truth draw the bittersweet stories of heartbreak and repair, death and birth, humor and existence, all fed with the vocal circus that has come to define Hammond’s music. Andrew's Brooklyn ensemble serves as a backbone for passionate, clever songwriting. Hear Gospel music for a flock of Indie Folk nihilists, and Carl Sagan is the pastor.

 From the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, Hammond narrates from the perspective of his barefoot childhood. Tall, thin and cherubic, baritone, soprano and tenor, Andrew Hammond is a speaking, singing, soulbending contradiction that will demand your full attention.